Review – Lagavulin 16 yo. Single Malt Whisky

The Lagavulin 16 yo. single malt is all heat, spice and everything nice.

The first sensation on the nose is a distinctly peaty aroma. This earthy smell is followed by notes of spice like cumin, cinnamon and anise that tickle the nose amid notes of magnolia blossoms and some pine sap. My wife tells me she smells leather, Tabaco and medical waste. I smell shrimp shells and driftwood. This dram reminds me of a warm cinnamon roll.

On the palate the first sensation is again peat, followed by bitterness, and a texture on the tongue like vegetable oil. The spicy flavors in the nose have mellowed and remind me of a mixture of curry, paprika and coriander.

It warms the body.

Lagavulin is the seaside fireplace dram – the holiday soul warmer of cinnamon and cheer. I highly recommend this for the adventurous Scotch drinker; however, the complexity of flavors and strong peat presence make it a risky endeavor for the novice.


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  1. Vince R says:

    The rumor is that Johnny Depp, a noted teetotaler, orders this whisky just for the aroma.

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